Our “little” Chapel lies at the heart of the School. It beats to affirm our ethos. It pulses in rhythm with the aims and goals of a nurturing community. Here education has a spiritual value as well as an academic, sporting and cultural one.

Consecrated in 1956, the St Andrew’s Chapel has stood as a witness to our School’s faith. It is an Anglican Chapel that tells a story in flags. These House Flags adorn the walls with a unique history reaching back into our School’s humble beginnings, more than 150-years ago. The kneelers speak of the labour of love in the embroidery of the Ladies Association and moms. A hue of dignity pervades.

Archbishop Dr Clayton said of our Chapel, “The Anglican Church does not claim to be the whole Church, but she does claim to teach the whole Faith, She accepts the Creed and the Scriptures. There is nothing else to which she commits her members. The very existence of the Chapel among the buildings of a school is a witness which is not without its effect. Few, if any, boys go through their school life without passing through periods of stress and strain. In such periods it is in the Chapel and its services, and in the teaching given there, that they find strength and comfort and hope. And lastly, the Chapel gives an opportunity for corporate school worship. My duty towards God is to worship Him this Chapel will not let you forget the Majesty of God the best building, you can provide; the best music you can give: craftsman’s art and music’s measure: such splendour of ceremonial – all this impresses on your mind the Majesty and the Holiness of God. The hearts of Children hold what worlds cannot.”

Regular Sunday services, special services (e.g. Old Boys Reunion, Carol and Ash Wednesday), confirmation, choral and daily services take place in an atmosphere of reverence, humility and greatness of spirit.

The School community comes together at 09:00 each Sunday. Many members of the broader Bloemfontein community, parents and visitors join us on these occasions. The altar is festooned with the colour of the Season, the sacristans participate in the act of worship, the Matrics read the lessons and the choir raises the roof. We also invite other schools in town to join us for combined services, once per term. School life is intertwined with the Church Year as the story continues. Perhaps the School Prayer speaks best of our enduring witness to the glory of God; that God’s light may radiate through our worship and into every classroom, and from every classroom into every heart; and from every heart, into our world beyond.

The Chapel is the heart of the School and the role of the Chaplain is a key function in the life of our community. The Chaplain works across the Combined School (Pre-Primary, Junior and Senior), doing daily Chapel, addresses and devotions. Sunday morning services are held each week of Term, mainly for the Boarders and associated community, but are open to all.

Ashe Steenbok

Sunday Morning Services 09:00 – all welcome