House System

House System

Everything we do at school is aimed at building relationships and creating a sense of identity and belonging to the Biancoblu (blue-and-whites) of St Andrew’s.

The House Structure is aimed at strengthening this sense of belonging, identity, brotherhood and pastoral care for our boys. We have House Heads of the senior and junior grades, along with Deputy House Heads and a team of teachers in each of these houses.

All day boys in the school belong to either one of the Day Boy Houses; Champion, Clegg or Mackenzie and the Boarders belong to the Boarding House.

The House Head, along with the team of teachers (Tutors) are responsible for the pastoral care of the boys in their house and will also be a primary point of contact for parents. Throughout the year the boys take part in the Inter-House competition comprising various sporting cultural, academic and service activities where they compete for the Hickling Shield.

Every year families are invited to join us at our annual House braai and picnic where families connect with the House Head and the team of teachers. At the end of the year, the Houses celebrate the year with our House Day which consists of various team building activities.