Special Projects

Special Projects

Astro Turf

We are well underway with our Astro Turf, the first of its kind ‘water-less’ turf in Africa. The new technologically advanced turf is the Olympic standard to be used at the Paris Olympics in 2024 and approved by the World Hockey Federation to replace the water-based version. Cabbage Pitch field is to be transformed into a world class Astro facility, complete with dugout, change room facilities, parking, seating, and viewing deck.

Completion is on track for end of February 2024, after which we will be hosting the U14 and U16 Independent Schools Hockey Festivals in March. The fundraising for the Astro has been a true school community effort with a large part of the funds coming from the Old Andrean fraternity and various trusts. There are numerous sponsorship options available for corporates, public and individuals.

Kindly email marketing@sasb.co.za should you be interested in supporting the project

Legacy Fund

In an effort to leave a legacy for our children and grandchildren the Legacy Fund has been initiated. This fund will be used to maintain school facilities for generations to come, through donations from parents and the community alike.

School facilities are constantly needing facelifts, upgrades, and replacement. During 2023 a great deal of work was achieved around the campus, including hostel upgrades, club house painting, new grade 1 classrooms, Victoria Park upgrade, new pre-primary classroom, staff bathrooms, gym maintenance, office revamp, the list goes on.

Unfortunately, school fees cannot legally be used for facilities and hence our Legacy Fund is of vital importance to keep up our school campus in the way we are all wanting. Legacy Fund donors will receive a legacy fund limited edition tie on donating R2000 or more, by debit order or as a once off payment.

Contact marketing@sasb.co.za for more information.

Make a

All donations qualify for a Section 18A tax certificate.

All payments must be made into the following bank account:

Bank: Standard Bank

Account Name: Fiat Lux Trust

Account Number: 041230388

Branch: Brandwag

Branch Code: 055534

Reference; Surname, Legacy Fund

Proof of payment please to be sent to bursar@sasb.co.za